Balsa Chiqui

Explore the tranquility of the canal on the Balsa Chiqui Tour

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Balsa Chiqui

Discover the Balsa Chiqui Route, a approximately 7-kilometer paddling journey that goes up the canal until reaching the Ciénaga Sabana del Rosario, adorned by a tropical dry forest. You take a loop in the Ciénaga and then descend down the canal to the starting point. This tour includes all transportation from Coveñas to San Bernardo del Viento, where the rafting journey begins.


  • 7am,
  • 3pm
Only with reservations
Min 6 people


$320.000 COP


  • Canal tour
  • Bird watching
  • Small Ciénaga Sabana del Rosario
  • Tropical dry forest
  • 7 km
  • 3 hours approx
  • Medium

Included Services

  • Transport from Coveñas
  • Safety equipment
  • Guides
  • Hydration